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SFR have become well known for the fantastic range of mid-priced skating equipment with emphasis on value. You will see that we have catalogued their range by product types. Their range of children's skates our among our best sellers of all time. They have a wide range of products in all skate genres. Quad skates, In-Line / Rollerblades and ice skates. Their brand id seen in so many styles available this year, Nebula, Vision, Figure, Pulsar, Hurricane, Plasma, Air X Pro, Storm, Stomper, Spectra, Nova, Galaxy and Glitra. 

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A Value for money brand that also offer a rage of protective gear including pads and safety helmets in a spectacular range of sizes and colours. Please enjoy browsing this impressive collection of skating products all featuring modern design and construction for the modern skater. Call or email should you require any further information. We offer free, friendly and professional advice to assist you in making a well informed choice.