What Skates Should I Buy?

Skate Attack - Roller Skating Buyers Guide


  • What Skates Will Suit You?

There has never been a better time to start roller skating. Not only is it a great way to keep fit you’ll have great fun too. Roller skating is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors with your friends & family. It is something adults and children can enjoy together. Skate outside or find an indoor roller skating centre. 


  • How do Quad and Inline Skates Differ? 

There are two styles of roller skates, inline skates and quad skates. Both have four wheels, only inline skates have a single line of four wheels whereas quad skates are configured with two wheels forward and two rear, more like a car. Our most popular skates these days are quad skates. They offer superior stability for beginners and are easier to manage at first. Quad roller skates use a wide and stable platform and are used in artistic skating, roller derby and are the standard in most indoor tracks. Breaking is done via the toe block. Inline skates are often chosen for outdoor use because they are more manoeuvrable and faster. They give better ankle support than quad skates and are used in speed skating and roller hockey. Breaking requires using the heel block.

  • Why Buy From SkateAttack.co.uk?

We are a family business that has been trading for over 20 years. No matter your age, style or budget we are here to assist you. We are pleased to offer you professional and friendly advice. We take the time necessary to ensure that you get the products that will suit your needs. Your safety is important to us and we carry pads and helmets that will keep you and your family safe.  

  • How Do I Choose The Correct Size Roller Skates? 

Choosing the size you need is important because you need a snug comfortable fit. You definitely don't want your toes bunched up in the tip of the boot and equally dont want too much room. Ultimately sizing really comes down to your preference. Your  comfort is important when skating. It should be fun not torture. Finding a  skate that gives you a firm fit without being too tight is best. Some roller skates will feel a bit small when you put them on, so we often recommend choosing the next size up to your normal shoe size. Just like sports trainers or cycling shoes, different brands are known to be more suited to particular foot widths. We recommend that you check with us or look at the brand’s specific sizing chart for more information before purchasing. If you are local feel free to pop into our store and get a fitting by one of our trained staff.


  • Should I Get Soft or Hard Roller Skate Wheels? 

Soft wheels are generally used by beginners because they produce more grip – A 78A to 88A wheel would be ideal. They are more used for outdoor skating as the softness absorbs any imperfections from the outside surfaces. They are also used for skating indoors on smooth slippery surfaces. They are however not as fast as hard wheels. A hard wheel is ideal for indoor coated surfaces that are smooth. A Hard wheel will roll much faster and should last a lot longer too. They will however give you less grip and shock absorption. Speed skaters prefer hard wheels as they gather more speed quickly and allow a certain amount of slide. A 90a wheel is considered hard and would be a good starting point if a hard wheel is what you want. Extra hard wheels can go beyond 100A.


  • Will A Soft or Hard Boot Be Best For Me?

Hard boots offer you more support and are usually worn by beginners and long distance skaters. Soft boots are much lighter and will be more comfortable but don’t give you as much ankle support. A harder boot is best for beginners and soft boots are recommended for experienced roller skaters.